During the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, urban crime as a whole plummeted in cities around the world. One of the crimes that fell significantly was burglary, as more people were staying in their homes 24/7 as part of the restrictions.

However, now that many of us have begun to return to working in the office, and have more freedom to take trips away, this has led to rising anxiety about leaving our homes unattended. In fact, the Independent reported that a third of Britons are more anxious about home security post-lockdown, and 48% more attached to our property and possessions than ever before.

Thus, it can be predicted that advanced home security systems may become increasingly popular in the near future. With this in mind, let us take a closer look at domestic CCTV, and how this sector of home security can benefit you.

Advantages of installing domestic CCTV:

Integration with smart home security

Smart home security and surveillance technology has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years, and forecasts for the future are no different. In 2023, the global video surveillance market is projected to be worth 62.6 billion US dollars.

One benefit of domestic CCTV installation in Essex is that these surveillance cameras can often be integrated with other smart home security systems in order to create a bespoke, tailored home security solution that is fully automated and fuss-free.


Even if the CCTV camera is switched off, the very sight of there being domestic surveillance on the property can be a huge deterrent to would-be burglars. Having domestic CCTV makes criminals less likely to target your home as the risk of being caught will be foreseen to be much higher.

To increase the effectiveness of CCTV as a deterrent, make sure that the camera is visible to people off your property, and advertise its presence clearly, ensuring that potential thieves are well aware of your home security systems.

Monitor blind spots

CCTV can be extremely useful for elderly people, vulnerable adults, and women who live on their own. For these people, heading outside in the dark to check out an unusual noise might not be possible, or at least not a sensible option.

Instead, CCTV can monitor the blind spots around your property that can’t be seen from your windows. This allows you to check your property from the comfort of your home, and enables you to identify any impromptu visitors before unlocking your door.

Collect evidence

In addition to identifying visitors to your property, the video of the visit can be saved and stored. If you fall victim to the unfortunate event of a crime, such as a robbery or vandalism, then the video of the crime can be used as evidence for your home insurance company.

The video can also assist police in making an identification of the culprit. When the camera gets a good shot of the face, police can use facial recognition or line-ups to identify the person who committed the crime, bringing them to justice.

Overall, it is clear that domestic CCTV will likely become more popular over the next few years, especially as the country largely returns to working in the office post-pandemic. And with the extensive list of benefits it can bring to your home security, there is no wonder as to why this is.