Top 5 Movie Security Systems


Wanting to keep your family safe at home isn’t asking too much, but when your family is The Incredibles, super villains can lurk in every corner, meaning a traditional burglar alarm servicing in London might not be efficient!

Then again, at the other end of the spectrum, you should also invest in something a bit more secure than spreading toys across the floor in the hopes that burglars won’t look down and will, in comedic fashion, slip and inversely keep your home safe in the process. In the most extreme cases, we hope to provide a solution that means you don’t feel the need to install a panic room that essentially seals off the most important part of the home, your family.

Here are a few of our favourite alternative movie security solutions which we wholeheartedly don’t recommend…


Home Alone

When two burglars can be taken down by a kid with a bunch of toys and a mindset for trouble you know they’re might have picked the right career path. It’s only by the end that they start to actually outsmart Kevin and begin to anticipate what he’s going to do. Thankfully it’s a kids a movie so even after outsmarting him, theres some classical comedy moments that leave the robbers in sticky situations- literally. In a real drama however these guys probably would have figured this house is no longer worth the trouble after a few broken bones and a trip to A&E on the cards.


The Incredibles

There aren’t a lot of better systems that can defend your home than a science fiction omnidroid that can think for itself and resist everything and learn from its opponents in order to never be outsmarted. This thing has been shown to be able to withstand nearly everything that Supers can throw at it throughout the film and just continued to be an all-round pain in the omnidroid. If you’re an evil genius or super villain then it’s the must have security tech for your evil lair. Might be slight overkill for your semidetached house in Brentwood…


The Italian Job

Any home with a fully operational guard tower is simply way too expensive to be considered attainable by any but the billionaires of the world. One way to take the stress off of having to keep your home secure is to just pay someone else to do it.


Bad Boys 2

Tapia in Bad Boys 2 goes one step further than a guard tower, he instead, has armed soldiers guarding his home at all times. Of course, that’s not much of a match in the film for a small band of highly specialized soldiers and a couple of ambitious detectives on the verge of so called retirement. Maybe a simple alarm system would have surfaced…


Panic Room

The idea of a panic room is a simple one. In the time of panic, as the name suggests, you retreat into a purposely built panic room where you are safe until you re-emerge. Seems a bit over the top to us. Surely a CCTV and intruder alarms would be enough to keep you safe from most things? How bad must you have annoyed someone to feel the need for a panic room in the first place…