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Burglar Alarm Servicing in London & Kent

Domestic Intruder Alarms - Essex - London

With a team of qualified engineers based in the South East we provide an unrivalled security systems maintenance service. We are a ‘Safe Contractor Approved’ and can provide references from our satisfied clients on request. We can provide security systems maintenance for a variety of security systems, including :

  • CCTV systems maintenance
  • Intruder alarms maintenance
  • Access control systems maintenance

Intruder and burglar alarm maintenance and servicing

Given that burglar alarms – whether they are sited at a domestic or commercial property – are installed in the first place to give protection and peace of mind to the property owner, it should go without saying that there is also a need for a responsible, and responsive, maintenance approach.

Here at Firstford Ltd, we would be pleased to give you the benefit of the highest standard of intruder alarm maintenance in Surrey or London.

Our engineers are skilled and experienced in carrying out servicing and maintenance work on all manner of security systems around South East England. Meanwhile, our ‘SafeContractor Approved’ status will give you even greater confidence in the quality and safety of our work practices.

In short, when you turn to us for burglar alarm servicing and maintenance services, you can be sure of your security system continuing to provide the protection you need.

How often should you be arranging for intruder alarm servicing in Surrey?

Whatever model or type of burglar alarm you have protecting your property, it will need to be maintained from time to time to ensure it stays in optimal working order.

Here at Firstford Ltd, we would advise you to have your intruder alarms serviced at least once a year. Even if the alarms you currently have at your residential or business premises seem outwardly fine, issues can easily arise with aspects of the system such as the control panel, sensors, batteries, and speakers, that you might not notice yourself until a much later stage.

A ‘golden rule’ of equipment maintenance is that it is better to identify and intervene to resolve potential issues the moment they are spotted, than it is to wait until a more catastrophic failure has the chance to happen.

This principle underpins our own burglar alarm maintenance in London and Surrey, which is based around a preventative, and not just reactive maintenance approach.

What will our maintenance professionals check on their visit to your site?

If you sign up to a burglar alarm maintenance contract with us, you can expect the typical visit by us to your premises to encompass a wide range of procedures.

We will undertake a complete test of your system, for instance, scrutinising such aspects of your intruder alarms as the bell/strobe, key pads, contacts and dual tech detectors. In addition, we can undertake a battery load test and check, as well as remote monitoring signal tests.

Place your trust in Firstford Ltd for regular intruder alarm servicing in Surrey or London, and you can also benefit from the general visual checking and cleaning of your equipment. In addition, with each visit, we will complete written report/maintenance sheets.

Going forward, the contract will also include 24-hour telephone technical support, and 24-hour emergency callout services. It’s all part of ensuring your South East home or commercial property’s intruder alarm continues delivering the same performance, functionality and reliability as it did the day you had it originally installed.

A great pedigree… and an industry-leading service

With intruder alarms tending to be updated or replaced an average of every seven years, but annual maintenance typically helping to extend such a security system’s operational lifespan to more than 10 years, being proactive with your own alarm maintenance is likely to be an excellent investment.

That benefit is likely to be even greater if you choose Firstford Ltd for your burglar alarm maintenance and servicing in London or Surrey.

Not only are we an exceedingly experienced company in the fire and security industries – Darren and Nick, who run our business, now having more than 55 years’ relevant experience – but we are also an independent company. So, whatever we tell you about the present condition and operation of your burglar alarm system, you can have faith in what we say being well-judged and accurate.

Ask us today about comprehensive maintenance and servicing for your burglar alarms

Our engineers have such far-reaching and in-depth knowhow in every aspect of intruder alarm servicing and maintenance in Surrey or London, that you simply won’t need to consider any other provider of this crucial service.

Call 01708 470351 today, and our team will explain to you how our burglar alarm maintenance contracts work, and listen carefully to your concerns and requirements, before presenting you with a competitive price.

Finally, don’t forget that we aren’t merely trusted professionals in the servicing and maintenance of intruder alarms, as we can also carry out full installations of new systems that have been designed and fitted in accordance with the most discerning customer needs.

So, if there are signs that your current domestic or commercial-property alarm is nearing the end of its operational lifespan, you will be able to have the utmost confidence in our SSAIB accredited company giving you the best possible solution.

Security Systems Maintenance Contracts

Here is an example of the steps we’ll take on a routine visit as part of an intruder alarm maintenance contract. We have also included a specific calculator on some pages of our website to allow you to find a rough guide as to how much the maintenance contract will cost.

  • Full test of system (bell/strobe, dual tech detectors, contacts and key pads)
  • Battery load test and check
  • Signal test to ARC (custodian monitoring services)
  • All equipment cleaned and visually checked
  • Remote monitoring signal tests
  • BT Redcare dual path alarm receiving central station monitoring
  • Dual com CSL alarm receiving central station monitoring
  • 24 Hour Telephone technical Support
  • 24 Hour Emergency call out* (*All call outs requested will be chargeable at agreed rates)
  • Written report/maintenance sheets completed with each visit
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