Break-ins, burglary, and vandalism are issues that every homeowner and business owner fears having to deal with. Even the smallest hiccup can unsettle your business – and the time spent recovering from the crime could add up to a significant loss of earnings.

So, how can you help keep your own business premises better protected against such risks this year? Let’s outline some of your options.

Install security systems

Firstly, it’s important to decide what you need out of your security system. Choose from a range of functions such as video surveillance, entry systems, intruder detection, and burglar alarms. You might also consider whether you want your alarm system to ring out loud, or silently notify you or the authorities on a smart device.

Install the tailored commercial security systems in Essex that best meet your needs, and the requirements set out by your insurance provider. This will ensure that if you ever have a break in, the necessary protocols will be optimised to your personal requirements without voiding the terms of your insurance contract.

Use a deterrent

A visual deterrent can go a long way to putting potential criminals off vandalising your premises. For example, one study found that something as simple as outdoor lighting could cut crime by as much as 39%. This is surely unsurprising, because intruders to a well-lit property are likelier to be spotted and caught.

Of course, not every business can afford to keep lights on 24/7, and this can also raise your carbon emissions. So instead, you might opt for motion-detection lights, which will only come on when an intruder is detected. Not only can this help to reduce energy usage, but it can also effectively startle any wannabe criminals.

CCTV in blind spots

Many businesses will have already weighed up whether a security guard is necessary. While some multi-occupied office buildings may have such a detail, many small businesses may forgo this extra employee – after all, you can see everything from your desk by the window, right?

Many premises actually have blind spots – that is, places on the property that cannot be seen from the windows and doors. This is why it could be a very wise idea for you to identify where the blind spots are around your business premises, and install CCTV to cover these spots, allowing you a 360° view of the building at all times.

Check the exterior for weak spots

Items such as ladders and rubbish bins can assist burglars in getting into a property. So, make sure that any ladders at your business premises are packed away at the end of the day, and bins are stored a safe distance away from any windows.

It is also a good idea to include safety precautions around any gates, walls, or fences that you have – even if they are locked and secure. This allows you to identify if anyone crosses the boundary towards your property, before they even have the chance to enter the premises.

Remember to lock up when vacating

This might seem a very simple tip, but we are all guilty of forgetting things now and again! Always double-check, then, that you have locked all windows, doors, fire exits, and gates once everyone has left the building.

For extra precautions, if your building is on the older side, consider investing in some better doors, windows, and locks. This will reduce the risk of the locks failing at any point, thereby improving the all-round security of your building.

Follow these top tips and you will be sure to optimise the security of your business premises in 2022, so that you can sleep that little bit easier.