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Fire Risk Assessment in Surrey, Essex and London

If you need a fire risk assessment in London, Surrey, Essex, or surrounds, we will be able to send a qualified engineer to your premises to carry out the assessment at your convenience. Under UK law, the owner, landlord or occupier of a commercial premises is responsible for identifying fire risks and taking steps to reduce them. Your Fire Risk Assessment is a live document and will need to be renewed every 12 months, and updated should your premises change at all.

If you book a fire risk assessment one of our qualified fire risk assessors will come to your premises to carry out their inspection. During the course of the fire risk assessment they will identify any fire risks, look at if there are any people that may be at risk in the event of a fire, and they will then evaluate these risks and build a report identifying actions that must be taken.

Why Book A Fire Risk Assessment?

The owner, landlord or occupier of a commercial premises in England and Wales are responsible for all elements of fire safety. For further information of our fire risk assessments in Essex, London or the rest of the UK, take a look at the fire safety information provided on the Gov UK website and book a fire risk assessment from Firstford so we can ensure you are doing everything necessary to be safe.

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

The following checklist gives an idea of the types of things our engineers will be looking at.

  • emergency routes and exits
  • fire detection and warning systems
  • fire fighting equipment
  • the removal or safe storage of dangerous substances
  • an emergency fire evacuation plan
  • the needs of any people with a disability on site
  • staff fire safety training
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