Everyone has security concerns, however big or small. Whether it’s ensuring your front door is locked at home, or entrusting us to install a state of the art access security system here in Essex, security is a part of everyone’s lives.. However, there are some premises which require more security than most; and some, that require a level of security that even we can’t wrap our head around!

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most protected and secure places on planet earth:

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City.

Millions of tourists flock to the Vatican every year for various reasons. As the home of the Pope, many head to the holy site due to its incredible importance to the catholic church. Others may flock for the incredible interior and exterior designs of the stunning chapel. For some, the Vatican just happens to be the location of some of the worlds most famous artworks such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

However, there’s a part of the Vatican that very few people get to see.

The flagship of the Catholic Church also includes archives housing some of the most sacred and secure documents in religious history. An estimated 35,000 volumes worth of information is stored here. This area is so secretive in fact that there are very few pictures of the location. The various information is passed down from Pope to Pope, with only the most senior of positions knowing information that many of them then take to the grave. Only a very selective research officers can enter the archives with extremely special permission, which is granted very rarely.

Fort Knox, USA

“Its like For Knox” might well be a saying that you have heard before understanding the location that has become synonymous with the saying.

Fort Knox houses many of America’s monetary assets, including an incredible 5,000 tons of gold. The bank vault is something out of an exaggerated heist movie- hidden in a basement with a 250 ton door at the entrance. The building itself is reinforced with steel to protect it from anyone who thought they had what it took to get in.

If that wasn’t enough, the entire location is surrounded by an external military camp, fences, landmines and even science fiction horrors like laser-triggered machine guns.

The White House, USA

Going on Hollywood depictions, you might think The White House isn’t as untouchable as you might expect!  White House Down, Independence Day… we could go on.

The home of the President of the United States is, of course , heavily guarded, and it remains one of the most secure buildings in the world, despite what Hollywood may depict. With features including an iron fence around the entire premises, bulletproof windows and doors, a working nuclear bunker that can also be a base of command during an attack on home soil, and a 15 mile radius no-fly zone over the area, you’d have to be very brave to have a go at getting in uninvited!

Bold Lane Car Park, UK

An underground vault full of gold, a library full of religious secrets that could change civilisation as we know it and the home of the most powerful man on Earth. What could possibly be next?

A car park in Derby.

Wait, what?

Incredibly, Bold Lane Car Park in Derby is one of the most secure buildings on the planet. Following a wave of crime and drug abuse, the car park was fitted with a range of high-tech security equipment that makes it an incredible advanced structure. Each individual driver gets a unique barcode ticket that’s synchronised with the space they park their car in and if this car is disturbed by someone who isn’t the owner, the car park goes into a lockdown state where the shutters immediately come down.

There’s even a movement sensor under each car which goes off if it’s moved without permission; plus an incredible 190 surveillance cameras!

Area 51, Nevada, USA

It wouldn’t be a list of the most secure places without this one front and centre. One of the most famous places in America, yet very few could tell you what was even inside. Even fewer might be able to tell you and still keep their life if conspiracy theories are to be believed!

The military research facility that is synonymous with aliens and supernatural stories alike is protected by motion sensors, a patrol of armed guards, and a no fly zone throughout the area. Many documentaries including Louis Theroux have attempted to gain access and they have all been escorted away. Some claim to have made it even partially inside, but without proof, I guess we’ll never know for sure…