Access Control

Three Christmas gifts to keep loved ones’ homes secure

When many of us think of Christmas gift ideas, we might imagine either very ‘dull, worthy but practical’ things – like the ever-dreaded socks – or relatively frivolous items, such as novelty mugs or merchandise related to the recipient’s favourite sports team or movie star. What you probably won’t think of – at least at […]

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Five Handbag Safety Gadgets

In the past few months, personal safety has rapidly come to the forefront of people’s thoughts, especially concerning women. Although it would be ideal to live in a world where it wouldn’t be necessary, there are a few strategies that can help you to defend yourself against an attack, which can simply be drawn from […]

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How To Make Your Home Unattractive To Criminals

Any burglary can be a devastating loss, both financially and mentally. Being a victim of a burglary can have a significant impact on your mental health as well as your physical wealth.   Burglars, however, often have a list of things they look out for that indicates when a house is an attractive target or […]

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