When many of us think of Christmas gift ideas, we might imagine either very ‘dull, worthy but practical’ things – like the ever-dreaded socks – or relatively frivolous items, such as novelty mugs or merchandise related to the recipient’s favourite sports team or movie star. What you probably won’t think of – at least at first – is anything to do with home security.

But why should that be the case? After all, an investment in the safety and security of someone you love – and their existing possessions – is surely one of the best investments you could conceivably make.

Plus, the Christmas period might be the ideal time to introduce certain security measures to your or someone else’s home. This much is clear from statistics – as cited by the Express – indicating that burglaries in the UK double from November to December.

So, here at Firstford Ltd, we thought we’d take you on a tour through three of the possible festive gift options related to home security that your recipients might be especially thankful for.

A CCTV system

Could you really buy a loved one of yours a complete CCTV system? The short answer is, yes you could! It might be an especially good idea, however, to arrange for the installation of such cameras at your own home, for protecting yourself and relatives who live with you. After all, you will be familiar with the property, so you will already have a sense of its potentially vulnerable areas, and what you would and wouldn’t want to have in a CCTV system at your home.

And the great news is that here at Firstford Ltd, we are accredited experts in  CCTV installation in London. This enables us to discuss and advise you on the bespoke arrangements that are likely to work best for warding off potential intruders from your property, accounting for both your practical and budgetary needs.

A paper shredder

OK, so we’ve established that even a CCTV system can be a Christmas gift. But what if you’re seeking something a little… simpler, and perhaps more affordable, for that special someone who would nonetheless appreciate it as a means of making themselves feel safer in their home?

In that case, getting them a paper shredder could be ideal. As the name suggests, these are machines that can efficiently shred all personal and business documents that may contain sensitive details, such as the relevant person’s name, address and even bank account information.

When a lot of us imagine the ‘typical’ home burglary, we might picture someone in a balaclava taking away an obviously valuable physical item, such as a computer or a TV. But those of us who fear becoming victims of such an event will also want to make sure we don’t have too many sensitive documents lying around, given the aforementioned details that might leave open a risk of identity fraud.

So, don’t underestimate how much your intended recipient is likely to appreciate a good paper shredder!

A burglar alarm

With statistics having long suggested that intruder alarms can be highly effective as a deterrent to those who may otherwise look to break into a home, such a system can be another great thing to invest in as a gift for a friend or relative.

Not all burglar alarms are the same, though, and you will want to be sure that the burglar alarm you purchase for your intended recipient meets their needs. This is why it can again be a great idea to speak to us, as we can provide the complete design, supply and installation service.

This is another purchase where, when the property where the alarm to be installed is not your own, it makes sense to let the recipient know that you’re planning to buy an intruder alarm for them. This would allow our team to then visit the recipient’s property and undertake a risk assessment, to help us ensure the final system fulfils all crucial requirements.

One recent trend in burglar alarm systems, for example, is ‘smart’ functionality, which would allow the user to control aspects of the system remotely and receive alerts to their smartphone, even when they are physically nowhere near their home. You might therefore want to ask your intended recipient whether this is something they would wish to have in their home burglar alarm system – and the same goes for monitoring packages, of which we can also provide a generous range.

There you have it – just three examples of feasible Christmas presents that can also aid in improving home security, at a time of year when this should be a particularly important priority for us all. Get in touch with the Firstford Ltd team today, and we will be pleased to give you the benefit of further specialised advice and guidance, whether you are buying for someone else or even yourself.