If you are a landlord responsible for a rental home, how safe is it from a fire? You might lack a definite idea. According to statistics shared by the UK Government, fire and rescue services (FRSs) in England last year attended 27,482 dwelling fires – of which almost 90% were caused accidentally.

So, what could potentially start a fire in your property? As revealed in further Government-supplied statistics, most fires start when people are cooking – and, every six days, someone dies in a home fire resulting from a cigarette. Faulty electrics, meanwhile, cause about 6,000 domestic fires yearly.

As a landlord, you are legally required to undertake numerous safety precautions to protect your property and tenants. You could consider any of the following fire solutions we have available for landlords to use for any rental homes they may own in London and the South East.

Emergency lighting

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) outlines numerous legal obligations you must heed in the name of fire safety. Those obligations include checking that your tenants will have access to escape routes at all times – but how exactly would they find those escape routes?

They could do so with help from emergency lighting you to get installed at the domestic accommodation in question. You could task us with doing the installation work itself, ensuring that the safe exit routes will be clearly visible when they are urgently needed.

Emergency lighting is so-called as it is designed to continue running even when electrical failure leads to “normal” lighting elsewhere in the property failing – and consequently reducing visibility.

Fire alarm installation

The safety precautions you are legally required to take as a landlord include providing a smoke alarm in each storey of any rental property you own, as well as adding a carbon monoxide alarm to any room housing a solid fuel burning appliance, such as a coal fire or wood burning stove.

Fortunately, our BS 5839-qualified design and engineering teams are capable of comprehensively designing and installing fire alarm systems of any size or type.

For example, if you own any HMO (homes of multiple occupation) buildings, we can visit those to install communal fire alarm systems complete with AOV (automatic opening vents).

Fire alarm maintenance

Did you know that, each year, 35 people die as a result of their smoke alarm not functioning? It’s no understatement to say that working smoke alarms could save your tenants’ lives – hence why you should make sure all fire alarms fitted in your properties remain in good working order.

Fortunately, you can ensure exactly that by drawing upon our fire alarm maintenance service. As a bare minimum, the regulatory requirement is for you to have each of your fire alarms serviced twice per year, though four annual service visits would be needed for properties classed as higher-risk.

In regularly servicing your fire alarms, we can also help to prevent them from triggering false alarms and thus potentially wasting the precious time and energy of local FRSs.

Fire extinguisher installation

As regulations pertaining to HMOs are especially stringent, you should get in touch with your local council to understand precisely what regulations you must follow if you are letting an HMO. However, if the property is a large HMO, you will certainly need to provide fire extinguishers.

We can supply you with the fire extinguishers each of your properties need. In doing so, we will carefully consider what fire hazards these buildings pose. For example, we can install CO2 fire extinguishers at homes that have electrical equipment – though in many instances we tend to opt for water fire extinguishers, largely because they are renowned for their cost-effectiveness.

Fire extinguisher servicing

Any fire extinguishers installed in a given property of yours should be both checked when a new tenancy begins and periodically rechecked in the course of property inspections.

We can undertake fire extinguisher servicing in London, Essex and Surrey; keep in mind that each of your fire extinguishers must be serviced every 12 months.

You mustn’t overlook your fire safety obligations

It’s important that you look up the fire safety regulations you are, as a residential landlord, legally required to follow. If a fire breaks out at any of your domestic properties and you have failed to put suitable fire-safety measures in place for this accommodation, you could be hit with legal action.

For this reason, if you have any rental properties located in London or elsewhere in the South East, we urge you to contact us by phoning 01708 470351 or emailing sales@firstfordltd.co.uk.