There are many ways in which you can efficiently secure your home, especially in 2022. In the age of technology, we are seeing constant innovations and evolutions in security devices, protocols, and features, offering us a wide range of protective actions to choose from.

So, to help you sort through this long list, here are three of the best ways to improve security at your home in 2022.

Install a comprehensive security system

Thoroughly research all the security features that are available to you, and ascertain which ones would work best for you. This way, you can ensure that your domestic security systems in Essex are perfectly tailored to your personal security needs.

Numerous features can be used in conjunction with one another, operating via a wider system, or ‘smart home’. In doing so, your security system will cover a comprehensive range of operations, properly protecting every aspect of your home.

Ensure all vulnerable entry points are secured

Entry points are all the potential places where burglars could get into your home. These are the most vulnerable points of your home. Entry points include all doors and windows, even those that aren’t on the ground floor.

Ensure that all your locks are adequately maintained, and that all are secured whenever you leave the building. Move and store away any items from the perimeter of your property that could be used to aid access to upstairs entry points, such as ladders, tools, and bins.

Use (and advertise) visible deterrents

Invest in a number of deterrents that will discourage people from selecting your home for their next criminal activity – and make sure that everyone is aware of their presence. There is a wide variety of deterrents available to consider, including the following examples.

  • Lights

Keep your garden and yard as bright as possible to give burglars less opportunity to hide. Invest in Emergency Lighting Systems to startle any potential intruders before they have a chance to enter your home. This will be especially useful for when you aren’t going to be in the home, as the lighting will give the impression that the house isn’t vacant. To highlight how important this can be, burglary fell by 116 thousand to 267 thousand in 2020/21 during the height of the coronavirus lockdowns.

  • CCTV

 Even if you don’t have CCTV, the sight of cameras around your property can be enough to deter intruders from entering your property. Advertise the presence of cameras with signs that state clearly that your property is protected by CCTV.

  • Dog

Having a guard dog is a centuries-old security system! A property with a dog is less likely to get burgled as the criminals know the canine will likely disrupt their plans. However, of course, security should not be the only reason you get a dog. If you aren’t ready to make the commitment to keeping a pet, consider displaying a ‘beware of the dog’ sign on your property to fake it.

  • Fence

Install a tall fence that makes your yard seem impenetrable. As an extra deterrent, you might also opt for a fence that has spikes, spires, or wire on top to make it harder for someone to climb over.

And there you have it – three ways to ensure that your home is properly secured during 2022.